Essential Organics is a family-owned and operated company based out of Bellingham WA founded on a mission to make organic whole foods affordable and accessible with a focus on integrity and sustainability.

As a direct importer of ingredients, Essential Organics is able to provide products that are fresh, quality, farm to table transparent, and affordable! 

Our mission at Essential Organics is to source the highest quality ingredients and offer them to you at affordable prices. 

We help support your efforts in feeding yourself, family, clients, and customers with real food created from pure and simple ingredients,  allowing you the possibility to lead both healthy and affordable lifestyle. 

We believe that eating organic whole foods should not be a privilege only few can afford.

By sourcing products as directly as possible, using simple packaging, and relying on the strength of word of mouth for advertising, we can pass down the savings and hope to empower every American to join us to support global organic agriculture and take part in a food revolution!

“Eat the change you want to see”


Essential Organics




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